Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lindsay and Marty

This past monday my wife and I joined Lindsay and Marty at White Point Beach for their elopement. After meeting with them for the first time it was clear we had kick-started a friendship that will go beyond this wedding. It was a perfect match for us. We hit it off right away. From names to military and so much more. It proved for great conversation and hilarious moments during the shoot.

I have to say, Lindsay rocked that dress! They looked amazing and that vintage theme really worked with Marty's uniform.

I know both Marty and Lindsay have family who are very anxious to see photos from the day. Here are a few...just for them.


  1. What beautiful pictures! Thank you for capturing my sis' special day in such a wonderful way!! We are so excited to see more!

  2. The pics are amazing!!!! For our family and friends that weren't there, the pictures tell the story perfectly of our wedding day. You captured moments that we will always be grateful for! You helped make our day relaxing, memorable, and fun fun fun!!!! Thank you Perry & Lindsay