Monday, December 10, 2012

Continuing With Star Trails

Star trail photography seems to have slapped me in the face! It combines everything I love about photography and yet I've only just begun! Planning for this type of shoot is very important. You have to choose your composition carefully because once you start you could be locked in for hours. Nothing should move. This photo below was taken last night. It combines twenty seven different exposures and spans one hour and 45 minutes. I used google sky maps on my cell phone to help me locate the north star during daylight. Locating the north star is important to help give me an idea of what the end star trail will look like. Because the earth is rotating on its axis, the north star will stay in the same place while all the other stars will look like they are rotating around it.  

The only thing I would do differently is dress warmer and bring a chair! Hope you enjoy.

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