Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fogo Island

I had planned on this post being an open letter to the FIAC, to let them know of my intention to apply for their Residency Program. Instead, I wanted to write something to the people of Fogo, who made our trip to Fogo Island an amazing experience.

Although my wife and I were only there for three quick days, we were immediately drawn to how welcoming you were. As we were setting up our "pop-up" tent, which takes us less than two minutes to do, you wanted to help us peg it down. You welcomed us into your backyard fires, into your stages and gave us the ol' "what-a-ya-at?" head-snap as we drove past. Your sense of pride in your land, your culture and your traditional ways are so rare. Your hospitality was beyond what people have come to expect from Newfoundlanders and it's easy to see why you always want to return to this beautiful place you call home. 

It is my intention to come back, sooner rather than later. Those who know me best know how much I love what I do and how amazing an opportunity it would be for me to be there, applying my passion to to such an amazing, breath-taking place. 

Never change.