Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brier Island

After leaving Annapolis Royal I headed out for Brier Island to see if I could take in any whale watching. Driving west along Hwy 101 to Digby and then following Hwy 217 you drive along the Digby Neck to take a series of two ferries to the island. The first is to Long Island and the second to the western most point in Nova Scotia, Brier Island.

But along the way you'll drive by some amazing places like Sandy Cove. It was low tide when I drove by and stopped to take a few photos. I don't think I could ever get used to seeing a boat sitting on its side!

Once you get to Long Island you'll see Boars Head Lighthouse. You have to hike a little way to get to it but you can't miss it when you are coming across on the ferry.

Then of course you have whale watching in Brier Island. I found myself aboard Island Link only 30 mins after getting off the ferry. It is operated by the Brier Island Lodge. I had a great time and a special thanks to Reed, the captain of Island Link for making it an awesome trip.

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